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Todd73NJ 06-08-2009 10:08 PM

Credit Wagering - New Deposit/Withdrawal Methods
Great job CW!

Hopefully this new Visa Debit card will now enable us to withdraw from CW - then deposit to Matchbook or 5dime or BetEd or where ever..

I have an Email in to them asking if we are able to load money onto it besides their withdrawals.

Here is their announcement:

CREDIT WAGERING FUNDING AND WITHDRAWAL UPDATE! Unfortunately, as of Monday, May 4th our existing debit card provider stopped loading your cards so we’ve been sending Moneygrams for payouts at our expense. But no worries, we now have an even better solution! We are pleased to announce we now have a brand new and improved debit card solution for you. New cards are Visa Prepaid Cards. Advantages to you: - It is a prepaid Visa card- It comes with your name on it- Max balance on card is $9,000- It is shipped directly to you from the bank, along with your online and atm pin numbers. Card info: - You will receive it within 7-10 business days- Once you receive your card, please notify us so your card can be loaded.- Cost of card is $30- After the first load, all future withdrawals will be loaded on your card on Friday.- Bank will require your social security number and photo id, which most customers have already supplied.*This option is for US customers only. Moneygram Withdrawals: You can now request your withdrawal by Moneygram. The maximum Moneygram withdrawal amount is $940 and can be requested every 2 weeks. The cost is 10% of the amount requested and will be deducted from your withdrawal amount. Checks by Courier: You can now request your withdrawal by check. Your check will be in U.S. funds, from a Canadian Bank, sent by courier with 1-2 day service. The cost $40 and will be deducted from your withdrawal amount.. The News Gets Better! We now accept Visa as a deposit option. We're proud to announce that we now have Visa as a deposit option. This will make your settlement or post up deposits that much easier. In a matter of minutes, you can now settle up or post up to increase your limits. Same deposit limits apply as AMEX. There is a maximum deposit of $1000 every 24 hours and a maximum deposit of $500 per transaction. To make sure your first deposit gets approved; please contact your issuing bank prior to attempting your first deposit to make sure there is no problem. Here comes the best news… The new debit card you will receive for withdrawals can also be used for depositing. So if we load your card on Thursday and by end of week you need to settle, you can send the difference right back without having to go to a Moneygram or Western Union location. Settlements and Bonuses Weekly settlement payments are due on Monday. You have grace until Thursday to settle. Creditwagering rewards its valued customers like no one else. By settling on time, you will receive a 15% bonus and a reimbursement of deposit fees. NO ROLLOVER is required on either the bonus or deposit fees. You are already ahead for that week. Thank you for your patronage

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