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Default MLB In-Running Odds

Assume that you want to build a tool that will tell you, given certain search criteria, how often a team wins in that situation and/or how often the final score of the game has more than N runs.

The more criteria you pick, the more specifically you can define the situation, but the less data you will have to create your percentages.

If you had all the following information at your disposal, which do you think would be the most useful for getting a good population for calculating the win percentage?

For each you could use an exact match, or a range. You could also combine (add/subtract) any of them.

Game Situation:
1. Away Score
2. Home Score
3. Inning (Half Inning)
4. Outs
5. Balls
6. Strikes
7. Man on First
8. Man on Second
9. Man on Third
Game Details:
10. Day of the Year (or Week or Month)
11. Day of the Week
12. Starting Time
13. Played at NL Ballpark
14. Indoors/Outdoors
15. Distance travelled by away team
Starting Pitchers:
16. ERA
17. Throwing Hand
18. K per 9 innings
19. GB/FB Ratio
20. WHIP
21. HR Allowed per game
22. Percentage caught stealing
23. OPS against
24. Home or away favored
25. Home or away moneyline odds
26. Over/Under total
27. Over/Under price
28. Home or away runline price
Team Records (for either team):
29. Winning %
30. Winning % at home
31. Winning % on the Road
32. Winning % against LHP
33. Winning % against RHP
34. RPI
35. Winning % last 10 games
Team Offense (for either team):
65. Runs scored per game
36. Hits per game
37. HR per game
38. Total bases per game
39. BA
40. OBP
41. SLG
42. OPS
43. K per Game
44. BB per game
45. SB per game
46. SB %
47. GB/FB Ratio
48. GIDP per game
49. OPS vs Righty
50. OPS vs Lefty
51. OPS at Home
52. OPS on the Road
Team Pitching (either team):
66. Runs Allowed per game
53. ERA
54. Saves per game
55. BB allowed per game
56. BA allowed
57. OPS Against
58. SLG Against
59. SB Allowed per game
60. % CS
61. WHIP
62. K per 9
63. K per BB
64. Team Fielding %
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