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Cool Unique Monday Night Football Opportunity for Matchbook

(Seeing that MB is not currently offering the 2nd game of the MNF doubleheader for September 13, 2010, I sent the following email . . . if you want this game offered for Live Betting, send an email to or call MB at 1 877 586-9477.)

Hi Matchbook,

The National Football League is offering the only Monday Night Football doubleheader of the entire season on September 13, 2010.

The 2nd game is between the San Diego Chargers and the Kansas City Chiefs.

It is anticipated that it will be heavily played like the first game, especially by MB members living in the Western time zones of the United States.

As this game is scheduled only 35 minutes after the currently listed last MLB Live Betting game (which, of course, could go into extra innings), an exception to the general cut-off game start time of 10:00 PM ET is requested. (Also, if Antigua can't monitor this game for Live Betting, how about your other office?)

Lastly, offering this game as Live Betting will very likely result in commissions for MB far greater than the average NFL game.

Kind Regards,
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