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Default Credit Wagering Suggestions/Withdrawals

I know many of you have been having issues with the loading of your debit cards.

I took the time to email CW about the process. When you think about it - requesting a withdrawal by 9am on a Wed morning - and being paid out Thurs at 6am is very fast and I would assume difficult to coordinate.

In my email I suggested that they:

1) Keep the request time by Wed 9am for the prior week.
2) Move the payment time to 9pm the NEXT Tuesday night to allow them more time to process and eas the process. Still only a 7 day pay out which is very fast considering other sites.
3) Give something back to the members in exchange, ie: A second free payout, or $10 additional payouts, or possibly an increased bonus for Settle ups on Monday.

Personally, I find their customer service to be the most responsive of any that I have dealt with. But they are putting a rediculous amount of pressure on themselves to process a withdrawal in 36 hours.

I will link Credit Wagering to this forum message if you have any suggestions/comments/etc for them.

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