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Old 12-16-2008, 05:18 PM
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Default What is Backslider?

I've been asked before about the origin of my online pseudonym Backslider. It makes me sad that people don't know.

Backslider is the name of a song by my favorite band of all time, the Toadies. They are my favorite band despite the fact that they only release a new album every 7 years.

So, here is my eponymous video.

If you've ever heard of the Toadies, it is probably because of their most famous song, Possum Kingdom.

It's highly debatable, but I think their best song (and perhaps most disturbing song) is Tyler. The lyrics are even more disturbing than the visuals if you pay attention.

One of the biggest reasons they are my favorite band of all time is because they are the best live act I have ever seen. As much as their CDs rock, it's nothing like seeing them on stage. You can't really get that same feel (being hit by a sonic train) from a youtube video, but you can get an idea.

The also wrote one of the most "beautiful" rock songs of all time, Dollskin. Unfortunately there is no official video, and the only youtube that has a high quality version of it is some Anime bullshit, which I can't condone. (Dollskin doesn't start until 20 seconds in).

Now it's over.
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