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Old 11-26-2008, 12:39 PM
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Default Intrade - Cancels Margin Trading

Is this the beginning of the piece by piece removal of the features that InTrade users find useful?

Here is a copy of my message on the Intrade forum, and a link to the responses.

Is this a new news item? I saw it on my RSS feed on my site - but the date makes it confusing -

"Intrade Margin Trading
Tuesday, Aug 14, 2007

From Wednesday November 26th all margin trading on Intrade will be withdrawn. All markets have now been switched to worst-case-loss margining.

The $5.00 monthly margin charge will no longer be charged."

Not that it effects me - bec the only thing I even consider trading on Intard is the daily DOW - but there will be many unhappy people if all of a sudden their long term contracts move to worth case loss without any notice - except a well hidden news item that people wont see till their account has been adjusted.

Not sure how this can help increase volume of those long term contracts either. Curious decision.

Link to the post: http://bb.intrade.com/intradeForum/posts/list/3231.page
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