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Old 01-21-2010, 10:53 PM
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Question Betting system that works great for me, but...?

hey.. James here.. for the past couple months now i've been using this betting system a buddy of mine reffered me to which has worked incredibly well for me, especially when compared to other bogus systems or cappers i've tried.. i've only been using it for a while now and so far its been spot on accurate every single time and i've made a pretty significant amount of money with it .. but my question is- im a big MLB buff, always have been.. now this particular system is also applicable to NBA betting.. and to be honest I really dont follow professional basketball, and don't really know much about it. However, with the success I've had so far, I would like to continue with the NBA.. but I'm a bit concerned because I don't know really much about NBA and my bets if continued to be made using this system, would be totally blind on my end.. and although I trust the integrity of these people/this system, I'm not quite sure if I feel 100% comfortable with that. Their website is http://www.sportsbet.pcti-system.com .. and I was just curious if anyone has ever personally used this system during NBA season, and if they had the same success they had during MLB .. ?? The service CLAIMS both MLB/NBA carry same success rate.. but Idk. Any advice comments or suggestons would be appreciated.. thanks
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Old 02-11-2010, 04:11 AM
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Hi James,

I, too, ran across John Morrison's "The Sports Betting Champ" system . . . about 2 years ago, I think.

I too was intrigued . . . and did some research.

After reading a few well written negative commentaries from users of the system, I decided to pass.

If I recall, his system mostly uses very heavy favorites (-800 or so) and can string together a lot wins; however, with 2 or 3 losses, the winnings quickly evaporate. His is a progressive betting system (aka "Martingale").

The other aspect that I recall was the writers' lamenting how difficult it was, if not impossible, to get a hold of Mr. Morrison as subscribers with questions.

Hope this helps and good luck!

PS After reviewing what I wrote, I decided to do a short search on this system and ran across these:


I found the following paragraph in that post most interesting:

His Winning Percentage is Not Based on Actual Won/Lost Records

The Sports Betting Champ system utilizes a three-tiered betting structure, in which individual bets are not counted towards wins or losses. Morrison’s system decides that a certain team will win at least one of three games and directs his customers to bid on that team, one game at a time, doubling their bet size until the team does indeed win. Only if the team loses all three bets is it considered a “loss” in Morrison’s system. In other words, a team that losses twice and wins once would have a record of 1-0 in Morrison’s system, not 1-2 as would be expected.


While I don't think that these negative posts completely defines the veracity of this system, it certainly appears that Mr. Morrison has many who believe in his work while there is also a number of disbelievers!

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