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Old 09-20-2008, 09:55 AM
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Default GW Bush a socialist?

Had us all fooled that he was a "conservative."

And a true "less government, lower taxes" guy.

Another humongous lie, just like the whoppers that got us stuck onto the Iraqi tarpaper.

Classic capitalism says let errors in the marketplace be punished. Let the fools fall, and the prudent and farseeing rewarded.

Socialists want to interfere with the relentless logic of the marketplace,and reverse this truism.

But now we see Bush and his appointees doing the Socialist Shuffle, bailing out private businesses with OUR money.

Because "they're too big to fail." If that's so, nationalize them. If the people, the taxpayers, are to be the guarantors of last resort, let us OWN these companies.

They are all basically run by technicians anyway, specialists.

We can pay a CEO a fat salary with a terrif retirement. But no Golden Parachutes, etc

In a crises, Bush again showed his true colors, just as he did with Iraq: an imperialist socialist, true heir to the old expansionist Soviets of the Stalin and immediate post-Stalin era.

He's a socialist. Not surpising. Just about al the ideological neocons cut their political teets as Trotskyite Marxists.

They money for these bailouts (more probably on the way) is not primarily going to come from taxes: you can't get blood from a stone.

They will come from reducing the living standards of almost all
Americans through the medium of INFLATION. The deadiests of all kinds of taxation.
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