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Old 09-20-2008, 09:51 AM
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Default A few reasons not to vote for Obama

Obama Lacks Sound Policy

* Pledged to dismantle our national defense systems, including development of future defense technologies, effectively disarming America and leaving us vulnerable to attack.
* Health care proposal will NOT create universal health care, and thus will only be more wasteful government spending accomplishing nothing
* Claims to have no lobbyist ties, but changed his nuclear regulation bill to favor nuclear companies under pressure from his money men at Exelon
* Claims to not accept oil money, but in fact has major money bundlers who are oil executives
* Claims to have no lobbyist ties, but several registered lobbyists have raised over a million dollars for his campaign, sometimes having their wives write the check to conceal his ties to them
* Voted against his own economic package
* Of McCain, Clinton, and Obama, only Obama backed the Bush-Cheney energy bill that put taxpayer money in oil companies’ pockets and helped gas prices skyrocket, yet he calls Clinton “Bush-lite” and McCain “a third Bush term”?
* Claimed he would not run for President until he had the requisite experience
* Threatened to bomb our crucial ally Pakistan without permission
* In 2002, voted to defund a Chicago social work office, when criticized by public claimed he pushed the wrong button
* In 1997, voted against an election reform bill, later claimed he pushed the wrong button
* In 2000, voted against a ban on human cloning, later claimed he pushed the wrong button
* In 2000, voted for a gambling measure opposed by church groups, when criticized claimed he pushed the wrong button
* Lies, claiming to be anti-war because he gave a speech in 2002 when he was not yet a Senator, but once in the Senate voted to extend the war more than five times
* Lies, claims he will withdraw troops, when in fact he has no plans to really do so as his campaign has indicated conditions on the ground will dictate troop levels
* Claims to be against NAFTA, caught telling Canada he was for NAFTA, when caught lied about it
* Said age-appropriate sex-ed was okay for kindergarten

Obama Lacks Judgment

* Accepted credit for dozens of bills he did not write in Illinois legislature
* Plaigiarized “Just Words” speech from Massachusetts governor
* Plaigiarized nomination acceptance speech from Mario Cumo
* Borrowed “Fired Up, Ready to Go” slogan from another politcian
* Lifted “Yes, we can” slogan from Hispanic farm workers
* Does not believe the radical Iranian Revolutionary Guard is a terrorist organization
* Pledged to sit down with state sponsors of terrorism without preconditions in his first year as President
* Refused to wear a flag pin for elitist, silly reasons
* As Chairman of the Senate Europe and NATO subcommittee, irresponsibly failed to hold a single hearing, claiming he was too busy running for President
* Supporter and cousin of Raila Odinga, a radical Kenyan socialist
* Longtime friend and business associate of Tony Rezko, convicted criminal, slumlord, political crook
* Longtime friend and political associate of Bill Ayers, an unrepentant domestic terrorist and murderer
* Spiritually mentored for many years by left-wing, anti-American priest Father Michael Pfleger; when Pfleger grotesquely attacked Hillary McCain defended her by name, Obama did not
* Allowed himself to be spiritually mentored by Rev. Jeremiah Wright for twenty years, and allowed Wright to pastor his children
* Supported a live-birth abortion measure that even NARAL Pro-Choice America opposed
* Thinks regular folks cling to guns and gods because they’re bitter about the economy

Obama Lacks Character

* Lied, claiming he’s never been Muslim; he studied the Koran as a child at an Islamic school in Indonesia, where he was registered as a Muslim, Barry Soetoro, taking his stepfather’s name
* Lied, said he barely knew Rezko, when in fact he represented Rezko, used Rezko to get a sweetheart deal on his mansion, and tapped Rezko to serve as a major fundraiser for his political career
* Lied, said Rezko only donated $50,000 to him; under pressure later revealed Rezko raised more than twice that and also sat on his fundraising committee
* Lied, claims to be pro 2nd amendment, denied it was his handwriting on a questionnaire in which he favored a gun ban, later proved it was his writing
* Lied, claimed he never heard anti-American, anti-White speeches at his church; his own autobiography indicates he did and as he later admitted under pressure
* Declared he could never disown Rev. Wright; two months later when Wright called him out for being a typical politican, Obama disowned him
* When a female reporter questioned what he would do to help suffering working class factory workers, brushed her off with “Hold on, sweetie”
* Claimed his church was mainstream and representative black churches; abandoned church two months later for political gain
* Threw grandmother who raised him under the bus, comparing her racism to Rev. Wright and later calling her a “typical white person”

Unknown to America

* Lied, claiming he was born due to 1965 Selma marches; Obama was born in 1961
* Lied, claiming the Kennedys brought his father over from Kenya
* Lies, implied his father was a goat-herder of humble origins; Obama’s father was born to powerful landowners
* Lied, implied he was destitute and grew up on food stamps; Obama grew up mostly with his grandparents, who were upper middle-class bankers in Hawaii, a state where food stamps weren’t available until the seventies
* Lied, claimed an article in Life magazine changed his life; article in question never found to exist
* Admitted to using cocaine, but attacked anyone who mentions it as racist
* Lied, claimed in front of a Jewish audience that his uncle liberated Auschwitz; neither American nor Kenyan troops liberated Auschwitz, the Soviets did

Unfair Attacker

* Hypocritically claims to practice new politics, but backstabbed his first political mentor Alice Palmer, getting her thrown off the ballot in Illinois in order to take her place
* Hypocritically Criticized Hillary for her ties to Wal-Mart; conveniently failed to mention his wife’s financial ties to Wal-Mart
* Lied, unfairly attacking and purposely distorting the Iraq Use of Force resolution, ignoring that Democrats voted for it because Colin Powell, an Obama admirer, told the Senators it was not a war vote but a bargaining tool to get United Nations weapons inspectors back into Iraq
* Lied, unfairly attacking and purposely distorting Senator Clinton’s vote for the Iraq Use of Force resolution, ignoring that she gave a speech on the Senate floor indicated that the Bush administration needed to keep its word on using it only as a diplomatic tool
* Allowed campaign to deliberately took Hillary’s RFK comments completely out of context to trash her, then when criticized for it, lied about doing so
* Deliberately took Clinton comments out of context to label the Clintons racist by leaking a race-baiting memo, then when the damage was done, backtracked


* Obama blocked revotes in Florida and Michigan with no DNC intervention to stop this disenfranchisement
* Obama and the DNC Claimed Florida voters didn’t count because all Democratic candidates agreed not to campaign there, nevermind Obama was the only candidate to run an ad campaign in Florida
* Obama removed name from Michigan ballot when early polling showed he would lose bigtime
* DNC awarded 59 free delegates from Michigan when his name wasn’t even on the ballot
* DNC undemocratically punished the voters of Michigan for a primary date they didn’t authorize by only counting their votes for half
* DNC hypocritically ignored that Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina also broke the DNC primary date rules, choosing instead to disenfranchise voters in Michigan and Florida
* DNC failed to denounce the sexism and grotesque attacks faced by Hillary during the primary season
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