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Old 09-12-2009, 01:54 PM
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Cool MB's Lack of Live Betting Moneylines and Totals for College Football

Matchbook Is Missing Commission Opportunities

Hi Matchbook,

I, and the other Matchbook traders around the United States that text each other, do not understand why MB does not leave up Moneylines and Totals for Live Betting in NCAAF games.

Some games progress so as to lack reasonable opportunities to trade the pointspread yet the moneyline and/or totals may still be viable . . . games like that are lost commissions to MB.

Also, some potential traders won't trade a pointspread but would trade a Live Betting moneyline and/or totals.
  • Is the lack of NCAAF Live Betting moneylines and totals the result of an external market maker's unwillingness to post lines for moneylines and totals? If it is, whether the mm posts lines for moneylines and/or totals is moot . . . traders will step in whether there is a market maker or not for these Live Betting runners if they feel there is an opportunity for profit.
  • Is the lack of NCAAF Live Betting moneylines and totals the result of an external market maker's not having WSEX lines to follow? If it is, MB needs to weigh the minimal advantage of the rather pithy numbers that the "market maker" posts . . . most offerings are less than $200 per side and many are only low double digits on one side!
As I write this, the Fresno State @ Wisconsin game is the only Live Betting NCAA game available with Fresno State, the underdog, leading 21 - 7 . . . this had led to extremely limited opportunities to trade the game as quotes are in the extreme ranges of 90-95 and 10-15 . . . if the moneyline and totals (@ about 52) were available, trading would be more lively than the pointspread which is presently 14 + 7.5 = 21.5 for a Wisconsin backer.

Later today, Live Betting lists the USC @ Ohio State game . . . Live Betting should offer the moneyline and totals as that game should be heavily traded . . . having a market maker putting up rather small pointspread lines and merely mirroring WSEX will serve no purpose for this much anticipated event.

In baseball, runlines and totals are most often left up for Live Betting which is good, especially for totals.

Why can't multiple runners be available for College Football Live Betting?

Please answer this question as virtually none of your traders understand why only a single runner is available for trading Live Betting NCAAF games.



If you are disappointed with MB only offering pointspreads for College Football Live Trading, email them at trading@matchbook.com and/or ideas@matchbook.com

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Old 09-19-2009, 07:19 PM
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Cool Nothing Has Changed

Lack of Moneylines/Totals Runners During College Football Live Betting

Hi Matchbook,

Well, here traders sit again wanting to continue to trade the Michigan State @ Notre Dame game but with only the 10.5 pointspread available, trading is virtually non existent, with Michigan State only available at 99 or higher.

Trading would probably be brisk if a moneyline runner was available, as the score has gone back and forth in the 2nd half with one team in the lead and then the other.

Is there no moneyline offered for Live Betting because WSEX does not offer one . . . why does Matchbook seem to only follow WSEX for the lines offered in college football?

It would help all of us who do not understand why there are no college football moneylines or totals available during Live Betting if an explanatory statement could be made on the Matchbook home page.

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