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Old 11-25-2009, 09:58 PM
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Default College Basketball Games

Sent the following post to MB . . . if you agree, email MB at trading@matchbook.com .

Hi MB,

Well, here traders sit watching the LSU/Connecticut game . . . nothing to trade in the pointspread as Conn is leading 59 - 36 with a 7.5 pointspread.

Please leave up the totals and moneylines for future games . . . (while the moneyline would not be relevant in this game, the totals would still give traders something to trade).

Thank you,
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Old 12-08-2009, 04:31 PM
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Default A College Basketball Mystery

The following was sent to MB a few minutes ago:

Hi Matchbook,

It is a mystery to me and everyone that has weighed in on this subject, in sports chat rooms, as to why MB does not leave up moneyline ("ML") and totals ("T") runners for college basketball Live Betting.

Some of the reasons that I have read in favor of offering more than a pointspread ("PS") runner are:
  • Many times a game will become realistically not PS tradable at some point due to the score . . . in those instances, the ML and/or T may well be viably tradable.
  • Many predominately Live Betting traders are will not take a pregame position in ML or T if they will not be offered during the game . . . this, of course, diminishes pregame trading.
  • Some traders will only trade the ML and will not trade the PS, especially if the PS exceeds 4 . . . seems as if all too often there occurs a "back door" cover or lack of a cover in the last few minutes of a college basketball game.
  • MB offers other sports, such as MLB, NFL, and college football with 3 runners for Live Betting.
  • Without the ML being offered, "middling" (that is, buying the favorite ML and buying the dog PS), during the game, is not possible.
There are probably other reasons for traders either not trading or limiting their trading of college basketball on MB, but these are the ones that come to mind at the moment.

However, possibly the most frequently asked question regarding MB only offering a single runner on college basketball games is:
  • Doesn't MB want to maximize their commissions by offering 3 runners rather than focusing on a more narrow group of traders who are willing to risk their time and capital on a single runner option?
So, the mystery is, why does MB not presently offer ML and T runners during college basketball Live Betting and, importantly, when will ML and T runners begin to be left up for Live Betting, as has been done on the aforementioned sports?


If you agree with this suggestion, email MB at trading@matchbook and/or ideas@matchbook.com.

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