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Old 03-16-2011, 03:16 PM
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Default Matchbook - Futures not being settled as promised

It appears Matchbook has gone back on their promise to settle futures at a very fair price.

I thought they were handling this pretty good up until this point. I have been emailing Matchbook since the date of closure, wanting to get my futures settled, get my money and be done with them. They have been promising me settlement at a fair price - next week - in a few days - etc. I emailed them once again to try to get my futures settled and pay my $35 and get my money. Here is the latest response:

Dear Todd,

The decision made by the new owners after advise from their legal team and the regulators in Antigua is to let the futures settle as normal when the events are final. Funds to cover the winnings plus stake amounts on all pending wagers will be turned over to the regulator in Antigua after the 31st of March. Once the events are settled, the regulator will pay out all outstanding US customer balances.

You will not have access to your account after the 31st of March. We will send a report of the futures wagers on your account for your records on or close to the 31st of March.

Once your wagers have settled, your winnings will be paid out by CC Payback or wire depending on the size of the payment. There will be a $35 fee for this withdrawal however if you have already paid the fee in order to withdraw your available balance before the 31st of March, you will not have to pay the fee a second time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email or live chat (via our Contact Us page).

Kind Regards

Matchbook Withdrawals

This is bullshit. I want my money. I want out. I dont want to deal with Antiguan regulators. I want to get paid as they originally said I would get paid. They were going to settle futures at a more than fair price and then process my withdrawal. I have both cash and futures in my account - and now I have to wait till the end of the NHL and NBA season? The middle of June? My money will sit in limbo for 3 months? As of March 31st I will have no access to my account? Its my money. I should always have access to it.

Pay your players who you kicked to the curb, Matchbook.
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Old 03-16-2011, 07:33 PM
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Agreed that this is extremely unfair. It's not as if you had any chance at all to get out of those futures, since they closed to American players without any notice. Now you can't trade out and you can't get your money. Not cool.
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